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"Dr Taryn treated my Rocky Mtn. horse for sweet itch to help his immune system combat the terrible response to insect bites.  She started his treatment before the bugs were out and gave him acupuncture every month.  It helped a lot."  -Sandi V. and Dante


"My horse received excellent treatments from Dr. Taryn.  The treatment would last and the horse would improve in movement and temperament.  He was more willing to work.  She resolved the pain in his shoulders so he could go in to a canter easily.  His pain was so bad he rubbed out all the hair on both shoulders.  He was able to compete and do very well showing in the western pleasure ring.  Thank you Dr. Taryn for you knowledge and excellent care."  Michelle Wich of Eastwich Morgan’s and Pepper

"Thank you Dr. Taryn for your amazing heart and skill throughout many years. Besides yearly vaccines and coggins, to saving my Mares life during a very difficult birth. To gelding my 16 year old stallion who is now a 19 year old super sweet gelding! Thanks Again you are Amazing!" - Gina P. and Checkers , Champ , Amber, & Marshall


"My dog, Ivy, a German Shepherd, came from a rescue situation.  She has an anxious and difficult personality and a lot of health problems including severe arthritis in her elbows and lower back.  Dr. Taryn's kindness and patience in working with this challenging dog is amazing to watch!  Her acupuncture treatments have given my dog her quality of life back.  I am truly thankful for all Dr. Taryn has done and continues to do for my dog."  -Sheri B and Ivy


Dr. Taryn has provided treatment for my 12 year old Border Collie/Australian Shephard mix, Bella.  Bella is a very nervous and anxious dog, especially in new surroundings and with strangers.  Typical vet experiences with Bella usually began with her being muzzled in order to receive treatment and care.  Dr. Taryn took the time to gain Bella’s trust which allowed Dr. Taryn to treat her without the need for any restraints or muzzle.  Her compassion, gentleness and genuine care for animals along with her knowledge of conventional and alternative veterinary practices provides for a “complete” veterinary experience.  I am very thankful for all Dr. Taryn has done to keep Bella healthy and active.  DH and Bella 


Meet JD! At the young at of 14 my trail riding partner was diagnosed with high ringbone while recovering from a hoof abscess. After trying a regimen of bute, I opted for different types of treatments. Enter Taryn! I’d known Taryn for many years and though she didn’t live close to home anymore she was traveling once a month to see patients. We jumped on her roster to try acupuncture for JD’s condition. For many months Taryn treated JD. After Taryn finished her treatments each time I noticed JD becoming more comfortable and the limp he had became less and less. We tried different types of shoes without success. After acupuncture and some chiropractic care, JD’s stride became more sound as the joint fused! After time off,  continual care with Taryn, and one joint injection by my other veterinarian, JD exhibited no limp in his stride!!! We were able to begin riding last fall! I am thrilled to have my partner back in action again! I give Taryn so much credit to his recovery. While I don’t totally understand the science behind acupuncture, I happily gush over what’s it done for my beloved JD!  -Kim F. and JD

Bay Arabian horse
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