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How to Have a Great Acupuncture Appointment

  • Give your dog a chance to relieve himself/herself before the appointment

  • Have your horse caught, haltered, and brushed if dirty.  Please remove any blankets or sheets, leg wraps, etc.

  • If your dog is young or especially active, a walk or play session before your appointment can be very helpful

  • Expect that we will sit together with your big dog on the floor or you may sit in a chair/on the couch/etc to hold your small dog or cat for the session

  • The first time your animal has acupuncture, it will likely take 45 minutes - 1 hour

  • For an equine patient, we may do a movement examination, so be prepared to move your horse in hand or lunging

  • You may feed your animal at his/her normal meal time, even before an acupuncture session

  • Have a list of any questions/concerns you may have

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