How to Have a Great Acupuncture Appointment

  • Give your dog a chance to relieve himself/herself before the appointment

  • Have your horse caught, haltered, and brushed if dirty.  Please remove any blankets or sheets, leg wraps, etc.

  • If your dog is young or especially active, a walk or play session before your appointment can be very helpful

  • Expect that we will sit together with your big dog on the floor or you may sit in a chair/on the couch/etc to hold your small dog or cat for the session

  • The first time your animal has acupuncture, it will likely take 45 minutes - 1 hour

  • For an equine patient, we may do a movement examination, so be prepared to move your horse in hand or lunging

  • You may feed your animal at his/her normal meal time, even before an acupuncture session

  • Have a list of any questions/concerns you may have

Chiropractic, acupuncture, & Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is available for dogs, cats, and horses. Please inquire for other species. 

Serenity Veterinary Services is based in Belle Plaine, MN and serves the SW Metro and the 169 corridor south to Mankato. 

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