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Is your animal wood?  water?  fire? earth?  metal? 

Animal Personality Types: Five Element Theory


Five Element Theory categorizes the universe into its five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements have relationships between them, and are constantly changing. The properties and interrelationships of the Five Elements can be used to explain and treat disease; also, they can be applied to the personality traits or constitutional tendencies of an individual. This can help predict disease tendencies, illuminate inherent strengths & weaknesses, and address individual lifestyle issues to maintain health & balance.




Wood animals are dominant, impatient, alert, and adaptable. They like movement and can be very competitive. They have a tendency to anger. They are typically lean with big eyes. They can be variable as performance animals, having good & bad days. Their tendons & hooves are strong. They can be predisposed to allergies, depression, hysteria, neurosis, high blood pressure, and stroke. Wood animals have a short life span. The associated organ is the Liver.




Fire animals are extroverted, easily excited, and love to be the center of attention. They are smart, friendly, and easy to train. They have a tendency to be aggressive or arrogant. These animals typically have strong bodies and small heads, with bright shining eyes. They are easily fatigued. They can be predisposed to cardiovascular disease, separation anxiety, and restlessness. Fire animals often have a very short life span. The associated organ is the Heart.




Earth animals are laid back, honest, kind, easily satisfied, and good care takers. Earth types make excellent mothers. They are tolerant, and prefer to maintain a routine. They have sturdy, short bodies with large heads and prominent musculature, and a tendency to be overweight. Earth animals can be predisposed to obesity and chronic gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea or colic. Their life span is long. The associated organ is the Spleen.




Metal animals are leaders. They like to follow the rules; they are confident and sometimes aloof. They are quick learners. Physically, metal animals tend to have a broad chest, broad forehead, and a wide nose. They can be predisposed to respiratory problems, diabetes, and constipation. Their life span is long. The associated organ is the Lung.




Water animals are introverts. They are fearful in most situations, willing to live alone, and quiet. These types may be fear biters. They tend to be thin with deep large eyes and big ears. They prefer warm places. Water types may be predisposed to back pain, urinary infections, infertility, and depression. Their life span is very long. The associated organ is the Kidney.

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